Afrodealing is the network of African professionals and  African interested.


Afrodealing members are located globally in USA, Canada, Africa, Europe and Asia and are originally from the different countries in the world hence forming a virtual diverse and borderless community of Africans in the Diaspora. Whether you are from the African Diaspora, live in Africa or none of the above but have a general interest in Africa you are welcome to join the Afrodealing .



Why join Afrodealing?

The Professional:
  • To network with other successful professionals in the world
  • To network with professionals and executives in leading corporations globally
  • To stay connected with your roots or former workmates
  • To explore careers opportunities where ever you are
  • To explore different careers in Africa
  • To expore careers opportunities  abroad
  • To apply for the best jobs in Africa
  • To contact and communicate with the hiring company representatives directly
  • To browse articles and resources that may help you take your career to the next level
  • To gain a competitive hiring advantage when you get job referrals from your Afrodealing contacts
  • To find a business or career mentor
  • And much more!


The Entrepreneur:

  • To network with other successful business owners and share success tips and ideas and find business partners, e.t.c
  • To advertise your business, services and products to a targeted local or global audience
  • To advertise your events on the interactive Events calendar
  • To utilize website features such as the Forum and drive traffic to your website
  • To acquire new customers from Afrodealing
  • To promote your Business trough the Afro Yelow Page
  • To browse articles and resources that may help you grow your business, raise capital, e.t.c
  • And much more!


The Employer:

The Afrodealing network provides employers a One Stop Shop for finding eligible candidates. Employers may recruit from the pool of diverse, success driven, intelligent and talented professionals found on the Afrodealing network. We also provide services that will enable companies to build their brand and sell their products and services to the African worldwide and to people connected to them. Contact us for more details about these services.

Our Goal

There is a large and diverse talent pool of African professionals and entrepreneurs located in different parts of the world but there lacks a vehicle to bring these individuals together to leverage the power of such a network. Afrodealing is uniquely positioned to provide a positive and trustworthy professional networking environment to facilitate this vehicle.

Afrodealing members are from different countries, diverse cultural backgrounds, different professional and business backgrounds, different industries, etc. This diverse pool of individuals provides our corporate members and recruiters with a unique talent pool that they can tap into to fulfill their strategic, operational and functional needs.



Our Mission

  • to create a positive borderless environment in which African professionals and entrepreneurs, wherever they are located at home or abroad, will come together to build powerful trustworthy and sustainable professional or business relationships, exchange ideas and knowledge and empower and mentor one another.
  • to provide African or African interested a worldwide African yellow page, no matter where  they are located in the world or in which country they are  on trip: make it possible to find the next attorney, the next African restaurant, the next embassy or other businesses with just a mouse click.
  • to provide a business platform for all people and businesses interested in Africa

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